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Full Potential

Dr Joseph Melendez Davidson


Joseph Melendez-Davidson, MD is one of the foremost sought Bariatric Surgeons in South Florida, and with compassion has helped thousands of patients 

achieve their full potential.

A board certified and fellowship trained minimally invasive surgeon with subspecialty and concentration in bariatric surgery. He and his team of professionals take a multidisciplinary approach, where empathy and caring comes first, to solve medical problems including the surgical treatment of obesity and excess weight.

Dr Melendez-Davidson also focuses of diseases of the "foregut" or upper gastrointestinal tract. He provides a wide gamma of treatments for heart burn / reflux and hiatal hernias.

He is also a co-founder of the Memorial Hernia Program, where complex reconstructions of the abdominal wall are performed by him and his team with groundbreaking technologies and excellent results.


Offering the latest and safest surgical procedures, because your quality of life matters to us.



If a picture can tell a thousand words, what about video?

This channel is coming soon!


Elizabeth, FL

140 lbs gone! Cannot believe I allowed myself to get that heavy.Thank you for giving me the tool that has changed my life forever.

Edward, FL

Down 115 lbs in a new body with no crutches, looking 15 yrs younger, and it is a miracle. Thank you for the part you played in it

Nathalie, FL

Yesterday was the 1 yr anniversary of a surgery that changed my life. I'm physically half the person I used to be.


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